Discover Magic

Announcing for the first time in NSW we are presenting the Discover Magic program.

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Traits of a True Magician

Learn the 8 traits of a true magician at KazMagic

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Your Angel

KazMagic is part of Your Angel and all profits received from the KazMagic programs go to support Your Angel

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“We’re proud to award KazMagic  the  rights to operate the Discover Magic program in Sydney,” said magician Michael Ammar, co-founder of Discover Magic. “Our program has been proven to teach essential life skills like creativity, confidence, planning and practice that last a lifetime. Studies have consistently shown that kids who learn magic grow up to be adults who are more analytical and discerning, develop keen empathic abilities and social skills.”

Michael Ammar

Michael Ammar has been called “One of the World’s Most Influential Magicians” by Magic Magazine. He has received six awards from the Academy of Magical Arts (Oscars of the magic world) and an F.I.S.M. Gold Medal (the Olympics of the magic world). A veteran performer, his resume includes appearances on Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show” and the “Merv Griffin Show” as well as the David Letterman Show, CNN, the Travel Channel and has performed live in venues as varied as the Vatican and George W. Bush’s inaugural banquet. Michael has produced over 40 instructional DVDs and his bestselling book is now in its 21st printing.

What's Included
  • Amazing custom tricks
  • Simple full color instructions
  • Top secret file folders with bonus extras
  • Learn the 8 traits of a true magician
  • Videos featuring Michael Ammar – one of the greatest teachers in magic history
  • An exclusive graduation wand and certificate
  • Discover a new hobby that could change your life
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